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In Redecorating My Bathroom, Should I Have Bathtub King First?
Walls around the tub should be repaired or replaced, as well as any plumbing problems. Painting, wallpapering, shower doors, and carpeting should be done after. We also install and renovate.

Can’t I Just Turn Off The Water to the Bathroom Instead of Fixing the Leaky Faucets Now?
No, the technician needs water to flush the chemicals down the drain. Get the leak repaired, then schedule the refinishing.

My Tub Is Not Connected. Can You Refinish It In My Yard or Garage?
No. The dirt, dust, and foreign particles in the outside air pose a problem to the fresh coating prior to the curing stage. Either connect the tub, or bring it to our showroom to be refinished in our spray booth.

Do You Change Any of the Plumbing Fixtures?
Plumbing problems (leaks, broken fixtures, etc.) must be resolved before the tub is refinished.

What Can I Do to Get the Shine Back on My Tub?

If you have attempted to clean the tub with normal household cleaners and the tub is still dull or dirty in appearance, there is probably nothing you can do to restore the shine. The original finish (glaze) has become worn leaving the pores exposed to absorb the dirt and chemical stains. Unfortunately, the more one scrubs, the worse the situation becomes. A new finish or new tub is the answer.

How Long Will the Bathtub King Finish Last?

Since everything is relative, with normal care and proper cleaning, your new Bathtub King finish will last for many years. Peeling (or flaking) seems to be the concern of most. This condition is caused by trapping gas under the glaze during the process and, if present, will occur within 30 to 90 days after refinishing. Your 4 year guarantee affords you ample protection against this unlikely possibility.

How Long Before I Can Use My Tub Again?
You may use your tub in three days. The new finish will continue to cure (harden) for several months; however, this poses no problems or restrictions to normal usage of the bathtub.

Just What Is the Glaze – Is It Real Porcelain?
No, it’s not actually porcelain. It’s a synthetic, which when applied, hardens to a beautiful high gloss porcelain-like luster. The Bathtub King formula is a unique process developed specifically for bathtubs and laboratory tested to meet the highest standards of product performance and quality. Our long list of satisfied customers proves that claim and guarantees your complete satisfaction.

How Long Does It Take to Refinish My Tub?
Normally, between three and four hours. All work is done in the tub area. Most of the time is spent preparing the old tub. There are some chemicals used to etch the surface, and any chips and bad areas will be filled in. All work is done the same day.

Can’t You Just Do The Bottom of My Tub?

No, because in refinishing, the idea is to start and end the process outside the water area. This prevents the possibility of water seeping under the new glaze.

Will It Look Like a New Tub?

What About My Tub Door?
Doors must be removed prior to refinishing the tub. Call us if this is a problem.

Are There Any Bad Odors from the Process?
No. If the bathroom has a window, all odors are exhausted through the window. With just the bathroom exhaust fan (no window), some slight odour may occur during the process, but it disappears in a few hours.

Do You Refinish Sinks and Toilets also?
Yes, though sinks & toilets may be more practical to replace at times. 

What Special Cleaners Must I Use on My New Bathtub King Finish?
Mild cleaners are excellent. Our own proven cleaner is always recommended.

Why Isn’t It Cheaper to Buy A New Tub?
Our best answer to this most frequently asked question is to respectfully suggest that you compare one or more estimates which reflect the total cost of the installation of a new tub with our price. Make sure your estimates include all plumbing costs for labour and fixtures, as well as the cost for replacing wall and floor tile damage in the removal of the old tub. Insist upon receiving a quality replacement tub – not a weekend special. If your present tub is porcelain over cast iron, it is far superior quality than the low-priced replacement tubs on the market today. Our price for an average bathtub is $499.00. We complete our work in less than one day. Therefore, in most cases, we can save you both time and money.


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